LEDA collaboration

Laboratory for Electronic Design Automation

ESSNBS* - Erfurt/Ilmenau-Sofia-Skopje-Niš-Banjaluka-Sarajevo
*project name evolved from ISSN to ESSNBS (acronym variation related to engaged university centers)

Activity in 2001

Sofia Tuesday, 04.12.- Saturday, 08.12.2001

The participants of the first seminar in front of the REKTORAT of the Technical University of Sofia



Program of the Seminar

  1. Steven Lambeck Ilmenau
    Research and Education at the Institut for Automation and Systems Engineering
  2. Volker Zerbe Ilmenau
    System design of complex embedded systems
  3. Vano Litovski Niš
    Modelling of nonlinear two terminal dynamic devices using artifical neural networks
  4. Predrag Petkovi Niš
    Symbolic analysis in analogue circuit testing multi frequency fault analysis
  5. Tomislav Dekov Skopje
    Modeling of PIN-Diodes with the Lumped Charge Technique
  6. Cvetan Gavrovski Skopje
    The design of a pocket electronic warning device about dangerous ionising radiation
  7. Todor Djiamijkov Sofia
    Optoelctronic sensors
  8. Steven Lambeck Ilmenau
    Design of discrete Anti windup Controller