LEDA collaboration

Laboratory for Electronic Design Automation

ESSNBS* - Erfurt/Ilmenau-Sofia-Skopje-Niš-Banjaluka-Sarajevo
*project name evolved from ISSN to ESSNBS (acronym variation related to engaged university centers)

Activity in 2007

Meeting in Niš, Serbia             

September 29. Oktober 03. 2007

Program of the meeting (final version)

Sept. 29.

Arrival of the participants

Sept. 30.

All day visit to Kameniki Vis (starting about 10h)


Oct. 01


SEMINAR Part 1, room 233


10.00 V. Litovski V. Zerbe, Introductory word


10.15 12.30


1. ivko Kokolanski, Microprocessor System For Measuring Non-Electrical Quantities


2. Mare Srbinovska, PC Based RLC Meter


3. Galidia Petrova, "ADC-module for processing of mechanical myo-tonometry signals";


4. Mitko Shopov, "Web-based measurement of temperature and humidity from distributed objects".


5. Todor Djamiyikov, "Implementation of tachometer cyclometer in programmable logic"



12.30 - 14.00 LUNCH




SEMINAR Part 2, room 233


14.00 17.15


6. B. Blanua,Efficiency optimization of Induction Motor Drive Based on Dynamic Programming Approach.


7. M. Knezi,WEB Server Based Distributed Measuring System


8. Borisav Jovanovi, Serial Port Interface For Microcontroller Embedded Into Integrated Power Meter


9. Miljan Nikoli, The Self-Bias PLL In Standard CMOS


10. Marko Dimitrijevi, Using Grid Computing In Parallel Electronic Circuit Simulation



20.00 DINER




Oct. 02

Bilateral meetings of the participants Preparation of application for the next research year.



Oct. 03

Departure of the participants

All the participants of the meeting

Mare Srbinovska




Meeting in Skopje, Macedonia              

Decembrer 05-09. 2007

The consortium meeting took place at the Faculty of Electrical engineering and computer sciences in Skopje, Macedonia, on December 05/09, 2007.

The Annual report was reviewed and plan for the next research year was discussed. Main news is that DAAD decided to continue financing this project in the next fiscal year (2008).

Meeting in Skopje 2007
The participants of the meeting in Skopje in front of the Nikola Tesla Memorial.