LEDA collaboration

Laboratory for Electronic Design Automation

ESSNBS* - Erfurt/Ilmenau-Sofia-Skopje-Niš-Banjaluka-Sarajevo
*project name evolved from ISSN to ESSNBS (acronym variation related to engaged university centers)

Activity in 2008

Meeting in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina              

05.11. 09.11.2008

Program of the meeting

I day - Wednesday 5th November

Arrival of the delegation from Ilmenau (Volker Zerbe, Franko Lohse) 13:30 Zagreb Airport, (arrival in Banja Luka about 16:00).

Arrival of the delegation from Sofia, Skopje and Nis . Accomodation, Hotel Djukic and for delegation from Nis Hotel Bosna.

Dinner 20:00 Restaurant Ambasador (Blanusa, Dokic, Vice-Dean of Faculty)

II day Thursday 6th November

10:00 18:00 Excursion (Prijedor and Kozara monument)
12:30 Lunch, Biscuit factory Mira Cikota Prijedor
16:30 Dinner, Kozara Hotel Monument or Restauran Europa, Omarska
Free evening

III day Friday 7th November

10:00 Opening ceremony of 7th International Symposium INDEL 2008
13:00-14:00 Cocktail
15:30-19:15 (DAAD session, about 17:00 coffee break)



Chairman: Prof. dr Vanco Litovski and Dr Volker Zerbe

20:00 Gala Dinner Restaurant Kaldera
Banja Luka 2008
Banja Luka 2008

IV day  Saturday 8th  November
09:00 13:00 Visit to INDEL sessions, ( about 11:00 coffee break) 13:30-14:00 Internation student competition Hardware&Software winner announcement 14:30- Lunch Restaurant Kazamat Departure of delegation from Nis
20:00 Dinner Cevapdzinica Mujo

IV day- Sunday 9th November

Free morning
Departure of the delegation from Sofia and Skopje.

Departure of delegation from Ilmenau (about 11:30, travel to Zagreb Airport)




The ISSNB project comes to an end             

28.11. 01.12.2008


The concluding meeting of the ISSNB project took place in Nisin the periodfrom November 28, to December 01.

Concluding remarks of the local project leades (V. Zerbe, D. Alexiev, C. Gavrovski) are on short videos (click the photo, please).

ISSN Leader project short videos

As backgrond part of the memorial park Bubanj (in Nis) devoted to thevictims of the WWII genocide is shown.