LEDA collaboration

Laboratory for Electronic Design Automation

ESSNBS* - Erfurt/Ilmenau-Sofia-Skopje-Niš-Banjaluka-Sarajevo
*project name evolved from ISSN to ESSNBS (acronym variation related to engaged university centers)

Introductory remarks

At the first meeting in Skopje on February 16/17, 2000, the following three pilars of the collaboration were defined.

  1. Exchange of scientists and students
  2. Cooperation in teaching
  3. Cooperation in research.

Additionaly, exchange of information related to curriculum was proposed.

Special task of the project was to help improvement of the research infrastructure by provision of literature (books), electronic equipment, and computers.

In a laboratory. From left to right: Unknown, Unknown, Prof. T. Džekov, Prof. C. Gavrovski, Prof. D. Alexiev, T. Radtke, Dr V. Zerbe and Unknown