LEDA collaboration

Laboratory for Electronic Design Automation


Introductory remarks

The collaboration between the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), University of Southampton , England , and the Laboratory of Electronic Design Automation at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš, Serbia, started in 1989. Prof. V. Litovski was granted a two-week visit to Southampton by the British Council office in Belgrade. The responsible staff member who took the decision was Dr. Christopher Briggs. During that visit an invitation to visit Niš was announced by Prof. Litovski to the research staff at ECS in Southampton.

The invitation was accepted by Mark Zwolinski (now Prof. M. Zwolinski). That visit was supported by the Serbian Council of International Collaboration. Prof Zwolinski gave the first lecture ever related to hardware description languages in Niš.

After these visits, a long term collaboration started to flourish. This part of LEDA ' s web site is devoted to it.



Prof. Litovski visited Southampton for the first time.

Prof. Zwolinski paid a return visit and gave a lecture related to hardware description languages.


Prof. Robert Ivan Damper visited Niš and gave two separate lectures

  1. Testing of electronic circuits
  2. ANN application in pattern recognition

The second lecture was a part of the program of the "First International Neurocomputing Symposium", on November 15, 1990 .

Prof. Robert I. Damper chairing the symposium

In the same year the first project was approved by the British Council Office in Belgrade : ALIS No. 245. It was a three-year project that was discontinued in June 2002, because of the UN sanctions against Serbia . Thanks to that project Prof. Litovski, Prof. Zwolinski, and Prof. Damper made several exchange visits.



Within the ALIS link 245 a six month scholarship was granted to Dejan Glozić, teaching assistant from Niš, to stay at the Middlesex University in London . This grant was extended by additional three months.

Thank to this stay several important results were achieved.

This collaboration was kept warm until the year 2000 when, on the initiative of Srđan Milenković, a group of researchers from Niš (Predrag Petković, Dejan Maksimović, Bojan Anđelković, Milan Savić) went to Middlesex to learn integrated circuit design with the CADENCE software. Additional chips were designed and produced.

Southampton - Litovski
At the Middlesex University. From left to right: V. Litovski, S. Milenković, E. Bushehri, and P. Petković

S. Milenković, V. Litovski, and P. Petković


A six-month scholarship was granted to Željko Mrčarica to visit ECS by the Foundation of The Serbian Delegate (Fond Srpskog Poslanika). He spent that time in learning electronic simulation supported by a simulation backplane.


The first EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK ) project was granted under Grant No. GR/K54120 of June 12, 1995 , to Prof. Litovski.

Prof. Robert Ivan Damper obtained a "Special recognition" for the contribution to the development of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš.


In December 1996 the book "VLSI Circuit simulation and optimization", written by Prof. Litovski and Prof. Zwolinski was published by Chapman and Hall. That book became a standard in electronic simulation. Some additional information can be found here.


Composition parts of the special issue of the IEEE Spectrum devoted to the future 100-million transistor chip.


In July 1999 a second project was approved by the EPSRC. It was entitled "Modelling and simulation of actuators in implanted hearing aids using neural networks"

In October 1999 Prof. Litovski was elected Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton.


Prof. Damper chaired the Small Systems Simulation Symposium (SSSS2000) held in Niš.


Prof. Damper was elected a foreign member of The Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia and Montenegro .


Prof. Zwolinski took part in the organization of the "International Colloquium on Higher Education in Electronics at the University of Niš "


Prof. Zwolinski participated in the Small Systems Simulation Symposium (SSSS2005) held in Niš.

List of joint publications