LEDA events

Laboratory for Electronic Design Automation


International Workshop on Application of Parallel Computing in Engineering Design


09-11, December 2003

Organized by the

Yugoslav Simulation Society


The Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš



Venue: Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Room2, Floor M1


Day one (December 09, 2003)


11.00 a.m. Plenary session

Litovski, V., Faculty of Electronic Engineering

"Welcome and Scope"

Belić, A., Ministry of Science Technology and Development

"Supercomputing and Its Application"

Jovev, Lj. , Irvas International

"Commercial Beowulf Solutions"

Representatives of SEWA Bgd, ETF Bgd, MF Bgd, CMLE Novi Sad, Univ. Kragujevac.



03.00 p.m. Advanced applications

Živković, M., SEWA , Belgrade

"Weather Forecasting Based on Supercomputing Application"

Litovski, V., Faculty of Electronic Engineering

"Implementation of Parallel Algorithms in Electronic Simulation"


Workshop Dinner


Day two (December 10, 2003)


10.00 a.m. Algorithms and application 1

Schwanbeck, H. , University of Ilmenau

"Installation, Administration, Parallel Programming of/in Linux Clusters"

Koruga, Đ., University of Belgrade

" Parallel Computing: From Biology to Technology"




03.00 p.m. Algorithms and application 2

Zerbe, V., University of Ilmenau

"Parallel Algorithms - Parallel Matrix Multiplication"

Milovanović, I.Ž., Milovanović, E.I., University of Niš

"Regular Bidirectional Systolic Arrays"

Olćan, D., University of Belgrade

"Solving Large Systems of Linear Equations on Beowulf Cluster"


Day three (December 11, 2003)


09.00 a.m. Demonstration and Practical Implementations