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IMPEG - An Integrated Power Meter IC

IMPEG solid state energy meter was developed and prototyped under financial support of Serbian Ministary of science, technology and development as a part of the project entitled: "Development of equipment and system for measurements and power supply control in industry". The project lasted from 01.01.2002. until 21.12.2004. Based on the strict demands of Mackatica, a.d. - the power meter producer - and with strong cooperation with Star Engineering - the unintegrated version designer - LEDA 008 is highly integrated CMOS power meter IC. It is designed to accurately measure and calculate: active reactive and apparent power and energy, power factor, IRMS, VRMS and frequency for 2 or 3 wire power meter applications.

Structure of LEDA 008

Single-phase power/energy meter IC IMPEG LEDA 008 (PROTOTYPE)



A Practical Solution for Solid-state Energy Meter * , Predrag Petković

DSP part of IMPEG *, Milunka Damnjanović

* Based on Power Point presentations during Stability Pact of Southeastern Europe, DAAD, ISSN Project Meeting in Ohrid, 08. – 12.09.2003.

Development overview


Final layout

250,000 transistors

The development started

January 2002

Conceptual design finished

May 2003
Design finished
December 2003
Physical design verification
December 2003
Prototypes finished
March 2004
Laboratory test completed
June 2004
Industrial testing started
September 2004

Scientific results

The work on LEDA 008 development resulted in some scientific papers. The list of related papers can be obtained from LEDA publications database

Final report

The final report (in Serbian) to the Republic department of science, development and ecology can be found here.


Testing the chip: block by block Operative testing of the chip


A short video clip about IMPEG chip (broadcasted by Serbian national TV on 13 february 2007) can be seen here.