LEDA projects

Leurre'.com project

The Leurre'.com project (www.leurrecom.org) is a worldwide distributed honeypot project. It has 3 objectives:

  • collect long term statistical data in many different places about attacks found on the Internet,
  • design, develop and offer the right tools to identify and analyse 'bizarre' phenomena,
  • build a truly worldwide collaborative environment where technical expertise can be shared to discuss concrete events visible to all.

On top of this environment to collect data, Leurre'.com, we have developed a methodology to efficiently look at the data without having to drill down to the packet layer. The abstraction we offer is at the level of the attack tool. This environment is called HoRaSis (Honeypot tRAffic analySIS).

The Leurre'.com environment and the HoRasis framework constitue what we call the WOMBAT. An observatory for people around to world to exchange information, ideas, thoughts about ongoing attacks. It is more than a platform. It is an emerging community.