LEDA previous projects

Projects previously realized in LEDA:

  • Microelectronic components (1982-1985) - sponsored by Republic of Serbia
  • Semiconductor microelectronics and optoelectronics (1985-1990) - sponsored by Republic of Serbia
  • Integrated software package for designing of gate array (1988)- sponsored by Regional community of Niš
  • Development of software packages for designing GEM type integrated circuits (1987-1989) - sponsored by Ei Microelectronics
  • Software for automation of design for specific digital integrated circuits (1991-1993) - sponsored by Federal fund for stimulation of development
  • Development of system for designing and verification of integrated circuits (1991-1993) - sponsored by Republic of Serbia
  • Subproject - Simulation and designing of integrated circuits (1991-1995) - part of the project "Semiconductor microelectronics and optoelectronics"
  • Microelectronics, optoelectronics and microsystem technologies; subproject - Simulation, design and testing of electronic circuits and systems (1994-1999) - sponsored by Republic of Serbia
  • Application of modern methods and techniques in designing products in textile industry Ratko Pavlovic NITEX Nis (1995-1996) - sponsored by Republic of Serbia. (see the articles JUDGE and PTD - both in Serbian)

    A towel produced using JUDGE - the example of LEDA engagement in textile industry projects

  • Design, Testing and Eco-design of Electronic Circuits and Systems (2002-2004) - sponsored by Republic of Serbia. (see the final report - in Serbian)
  • Device and System Development for Measurement and Control of Power Consumption in Industry (2003-2004) - sponsored by Republic of Serbia. (see the final report - in Serbian)
  • Development and Industrial Application of New Technologies for Integrated Electronics Circuits and Systems Design

    - Razvoj i industrijska primena novih tehnologija projektovanja integrisanih elektronskih kola i sistema (2005-2007)
    Identification code: TR. 006108
    Sponsored by Republic of Serbia - Ministry of Science (former Ministry of Science and Enviroinmental Protection).

  • South Eastern European GRid-enabled eInfrastructure Development - SEE Grid2
    funded by the European Commission under the FP6 Research Infrastructures contract (2006-2008)
  • System on chip design
    Education and Culture Tempus Joint European Projects (2008-2009)
  • Design of solid state energy meter with protection of data in the system of consupmption control and charging
    Identification code: TR–11007.A
    Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia


Most of the projects resulted in Designed Integrated Circuits


Full list of all the projects (both old and current) can be found in this document (pdf, in Serbian).