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1) Kader, M., Lenczner, M., Mrčarica, Ž. Distributed Control Based on Distributed Electronic Circuits, Application to Vibration Control Small Systems Simulation Symposium, SSSS 2000, Niš, Yugoslavia4-5 September 2000pp. 27-34(M33)Internat.conf.(full)


2) Jakovljević, M., Lenczner, M., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž., Risojević, V. Integrated Simulator for MEMS Using FEM Implementation in AHDL and Frontal Solver for Large Sparse Systems of Equations Design, Test and Microfabrication of MEMS, MOEMS '99, CAD, Design and Test, Paris, France30. Mar. - 1. Apr. 1999pp. 306-315(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
3) Kader, M., Lenczner, M., Mrčarica, Ž. Approximation of distributed control laws using distributed electronic devices for vibration control SPIE's 6th Annual International Symposium on Smart Structures and Materials, Newport Beach, USA1-5 March 1999-(M33)Internat.conf.(full)

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