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1) Detter, H., Fotiu, P.A., Jakovljević, M., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž. Transient electro-thermal simulation of microsystems with space-continuous thermal models in an analogue behavioural simulator Microelectronics and Reliability, Vol. 40, No 3, March, ISSN:0026-2714 2000pp. 507-516(M21)Lead.internat.journal
2) Detter, H., Fotiu, P.A., Jakovljević, M., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž. Analogue behavioural simulator as a tool for coupled electro-thermal analysis of microsystems 22nd International Conference on Microelectronics, MIEL '99, Niš, Yugoslavia14-17 May 2000pp. 561-564(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
3) Detter, H., Fotiu, P.A., Jakovljević, M., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž. Electro-Thermal Simulation of Microsystems with Mixed Abstraction Modelling Small Systems Simulation Symposium, SSSS 2000, Niš,Yugoslavia4-5 September 2000pp. 17-26(M33)Internat.conf.(full)


4) Detter, H., Fotiu, P.A., Jakovljević, M., Mrčarica, Ž. A System-Level Simulation of Complex Multi-Domain Microsystems by Using Analogue Hardware Description Languages 10th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators, TRANSDUCERS '99, Sendai, JapanJune 1999-(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
5) Detter, H., Fotiu, P.A., Jakovljević, M., Mrčarica, Ž. A Method for Simultaneous 3D Electro-Thermal Simulation THERMINIC '99, Rome, Italy 1999-(M33)Internat.conf.(full)


6) Detter, H., Fotiu, P.A., Jakovljević, M., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž. Implementation of Finite Elements Using an A-HDL environment Numerische Simulation in Feinwerk-/Mikrotechnik und Elektronik, Munchen, Germany4-5 Mart 1998B6-B7(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
7) Detter, H., Fotiu, P.A., Jakovljević, M., Mrčarica, Ž. A Space-Continious Temperature Calculation Using an Analogue Hardware Description Language 12th European Simulation Multiconference ESM '98, Manchester, UK16-19 June 1998pp. 860-862(M33)Internat.conf.(full)


8) Detter, H., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž., Radenovic-Mrcarica, J. Neural Network Visual Recognition for Automation of the Microelectromechanical Systems Assembly International Journal of Neural Systems, Volume 8, ISSN: 0129-0657Februar 1997pp. 69-79(M22)Eminent internat. journal
9) Detter, H., Radenovic-Mrcarica, J. Recognition of Thin Flat Micromechanical Structures for the Automation of the Assembly Process Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol.8, No.3, Jun, ISSN 0956-5515 1997pp. 191-201(M22)Eminent internat. journal
10) Mrčarica, Ž., Litovski, V., Detter, H. Modelling and Simulation of Microsystems Using Hardware Description Language Research Journal on Microsystem Technologies, Vol 3, No. 2, Berlin, GermanyFeb 1997pp. 80-85(M22)Eminent internat. journal
11) Detter, H., Jakovljević, M., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž. Hierarchical Modelling of Microsystems in an Object-Oriented HDL 21st International Conference on Microelectronics, MIEL '97, Volume 2, Niš, Yugoslavia15-17 Sep. 1997pp. 475-478(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
12) Mrčarica, Ž., Randjelović, Z., Jakovljević, M., Litovski, V., Detter, H. Methods for Description of Microelectromechanical Device Models for System-Level Simulation in Adey,R.A. and Renaud,Ph. ed. MICROSIM II, Sec.Inter.Conf. on the Simulation and Design of Microsystems and Microstructures, Proceed., Lausanne, Switzerland17-19 Sep. 1997pp. 271-280(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
13) Detter, H., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž., Radenovic-Mrcarica, J. Application of Neural Networks in Microsystem Assembly Proceedings of 4th Seminar on Neural Network Applications in Electrical Engineering, NEUREL '97, Beograd, Yugoslavia8-9 Sep. 1997pp. 157-160(M33)Internat.conf.(full)


14) Detter, H., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž., Vujanić, A. Simulation of Micromechanical Systems 6th International Journal of Theoretical Electrotechnics, Thessaloniki, GreeceSep 1996pp. 141-148(M22)Eminent internat. journal
15) Brenner, W., Detter, H., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž., Radenovic-Mrcarica, J. Neural Network Visual Recognition Applied to Microelectromechanical Parts Assembly Internationa Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks EANN '96, Kingston upon Thames, UKJun 1996pp. 325-328(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
16) Detter, H., Glozić, D., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž. Describing Space-Continous Models of Microelectromechanical Devices for Behavioural Simulation European Design Automation Conference EURO-DAC '96 with EURO-VHDL '96, Geneva, Switzerland16-20 Sep. 1996pp. 316-321(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
17) Delić, N., Detter, H., Litovski, V., Mrčarica, Ž. Modelling of Micromechanical Devices Using Hardware Description Language 5th International Conference and Exhibition on Micro, Electro, Opto, Mechanical Systems and Components, Microsystem Technologies '96, Potsdam, Germany17-19 September 1996pp. 293-298(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
18) Brenner, W., Detter, H., Mrčarica, Ž., Radenovic-Mrcarica, J. Vision for the Automation for the Microelectromechanical Systems Assembly Proceesings of the 3rd France-Japan Congress abd 1st Europe-Asia Congress on Mechatronics, Besancon, France1-3 Oct 1996pp. 256-261(M33)Internat.conf.(full)


19) Mrčarica, Ž., Ilić, T., Glozić, D., Litovski, V., Detter, H. Mechatronics Simulation Using ALECSIS: Anatomy of Simulator EUROSIM '95, Vienna, Austria 1995pp. 601-604(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
20) Mrčarica, Ž., Glozić, D., Litovski, V., Detter, H. Simulation of Microsystems Using a Behavioural Hybrid Simulator ALECSIS First International Conference on Microsystems and Microstructures MICROSIM '95, Southampton, United Kingdom26-28 Sep. 1995pp. 129-136(M33)Internat.conf.(full)
21) Detter, H., Radenovic-Mrcarica, J. Neural Network Based System for Microparts Assembly Proceedings of the First ECPD International Conterence on Advanced Robotics and Intelligent Automation, Athens, Greece6-8 Sep 1995pp. 209-214(M33)Internat.conf.(full)


22) Brenner, W., Detter, H., Haddad, Gh., Mrčarica, Ž., Popović, G., Radenovic-Mrcarica, J., Sarrafi, A., Vujanić, A. Current Activities in the Field of Handling, Assembling and Testing Microparts Seminar on Handling and Assembly of Microparts, Vienna, Austria14. Nov. 1994-(M33)Internat.conf.(full)

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