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Tempus project (JEP 41107) 2006
System on chip design

The four lindens of JEP 41107-2006

During the consortium meeting of the project, on May 11-16, 2009, in Nis, a visit was paid to the village of Brlog in the vicinity of the town of Pirot.

There, after a pleasant sightseeing, a decision was taken for four lindens to be planted as a memory to this visit. The linden are supposed to represent every participating country of the project.

The lindens were planted in November 2009. by Prof. Litovski. Here are the photographs of them taken on April 16, 2009. They are taking part of the shore of the "Dojkinacka reka" river. The river can be seen in the background. The full resolution video clip can be downloaded by clicking here and a smaller version started in the embedded player  

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Pictures of the linden trees:

Spain - memory tree
Macedonia - memory tree
Serbia - memory tree
United Kingdom - memory tree
United Kingdom


Location of Brlog Village in eastern Serbia
Location of Brlog village in eastern Serbia