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Tempus project (JEP 41107) 2006
System on chip design


Management of the projects

  • The kick-off meeting of the project took place in Southampton on November 26, 2007.

    The preliminary version of the minutes of the meeting may be seen here.

  • Meeting in Macedonia in 2008
    The meeting took place partially in the period September 29th October 5th, 2008. in Skopje and Ohrid, Macedonia.

    The following were the topiscs worked out:

    • Overview of the first year. The results of the discussion given in the Minutes of the meeting.
    • Presentation of the new SoC Curriculum in Skopje.
      Presented material can be seen here
       as Power Point presentation
    • Preparation for the next year.

    Full program of the meeting can be seen here.

  • The meeting in Ni (May 11 - 16, 2008)
    During this meeting three subjets of the project were discussed and conclusions accepted:
    • 1. Redistribution of the finances as given within the "summary of the grant changes".
    • 2. Investment into the SoC laboratory in Niš. (Presentation by M. Sokolović can be seen here)
    • 3. The SoC curriculum in Nis. ((Presentation by P. Petkovi can be seen here)
  • Within the visit of Prof. Litovski's to the Technical University of Madrid in July 2009, several meetings with Prof. Octavio Nieto (the Grant holder) and Prof. Bojanić were held related to the subjects of prolongation of the project and future activities including retraining, student mobility, publications, laboratory start up, and future events in dissemination and project management.
  • Within the meeting of the authorities in September/ October 2009, review of the status of the project was given by Prof. Litovski.
  • The consortium meeting in Madrid (December 09-18 2009)

    Preparations for the final report were on the agenda as well as planning the realization of the rest of the activities.